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Hallo, ich bin Alicia. Komm doch mit! Was willst du trinken? Lass uns tanzen. Hi, my name’s Jane. Finally, I’m not alone. I really enjoy the classes. Are you in, too?

Natural {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }} without a teacher.

Studying {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }} with Liglo is easy, fun and very efficient. Reach fluency by learning at your own pace, and save time and costs of classes with a teacher.

Our {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }} courses for self-learners Our {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }} courses for self-learners

Story-based learning is fun!

The courses of Liglo are based on stories and comics created exclusively for our app. You accompany the protagonists on their adventures and at the same time you learn natural sentences and expressions in {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }}.

In the dialogues we introduce the vocabulary, grammar and the topics of interests. Then we dive deeper into them in dedicated workshops.

This innovative structure guarantees that you have fun while enjoying a complete language course that considers all essentials aspects of learning a language.

Read more about the structure of our courses

Focus on sentences

The communication in any language consists of sentences and expressions. Speaking fluently requires the ability to build correct sentences without pausing and thinking. That’s why Liglo has a stringent focus on learning sentences and expressions.

Thanks to this, you will learn how to:

  • put vocabulary in context and make the correct use of each word
  • understand grammar easily
  • have many useful sentences and expressions in your memory ready for use in everyday situations
  • express yourself freely.
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¿You want to be fluent in {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }}? You’ve found the way.

Liglo is a language course for self-learners that will get you fluent in {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('upper') }}. And we not only promise it, but we also prove it.

With the fluency trainer you will practice sentence construction and comprehension from the very first lesson. You will do different exercises that will get you the skill of:

  • constructing sentences in the correct order without thinking about it
  • putting words in their correct forms immediately
  • using prepositions and tenses without getting them wrong
  • understanding by listening without hesitation

The more topics you learn, the more content will be magically added to this trainer and the more complex the sentences will become.

Liglo measures your fluency sincerely, based on the time you need for each exercise, how many mistakes you make and how many times you correct your answers. Keep practicing until reaching 100% and you’ll see: you‘ll speak {{ getCurrentLanguageForm('lower') }} fluently.

Liglo learns vocabulary with you.

The way of how our memory works can be characterized by the forgetting curve. We have to repeat and review information so that it doesn‘t vanish from our internal storage.

The vocabulary trainer of Liglo automatically categorizes the vocabulary into three circles: red, gray and green, depending on the learning level. Each circle contains different types of exercises.

Thank to this innovative solution, you repeat the vocabulary just the right amount of times and you master it easily.

Liglo Vocabulary Trainer

An app that never ceases to surprise you.

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All this at an unbeatable price

Enjoy the courses with a monthly subscription at an affordable price, or use Liglo for free with a limit of 5 minutes per day.

Try Liglo 14 days for free.

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