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Course structure and methodology

Liglo’s courses are divided into lessons, in-depth workshops and trainers.


Each lesson is created in the style of a comic book and contains a dialogue or other text. We use our own method which we call “immersion with explanation“. When learning languages with Liglo, from the very beginning you find yourself in situations where the foreign language is used exclusively. For example, our German course starts at a party with friends in Berlin, among people who speak only German.

Liglo Lessons Concept

In the next step you repeat the dialogue with subtitles in the foreign language and then again with English translations.

Just now, in the fourth step, you learn the vocabulary and grammar of this dialogue. The vocabulary is automatically added to the vocabulary trainer and the grammar exercises for the new topic are also unlocked. You can pause the lesson to practice the vocabulary and grammar.

As the next step, you repeat the dialogue. You notice that you now understand everything – every word, form, expression, the order of the words or the reason for using this and not another preposition or conjunction. Yoohoo!

Liglo Lessons Concept

In the last part you construct some new sentences that did not appear in the lesson but are based on what you have just learned. This way you realize that you are able to create new sentences. After doing this exercise you add new sentences to the fluency trainer.

Which are the advantages of this method?

The method presented resembles an experience of being in another country with an assistant by your side who explains the language to you after each conversation. Thanks to the method of immersion with explanation:

  • you use a language actively from the beginning and listen to its natural usage
  • you instinctively practice listening and contextual conclusion
  • notes the similarities and differences between English and the new language, which facilitates the learning process
  • you become familiar with the sound of the language
  • when you learn grammar, you immediately see its practical use
  • the emotion of satisfaction of having understood the dialogue after the lesson is a positive feedback that motivates you to continue.
Liglo Lessons Concept

In-depth workshops

The topics introduced in the lessons clearly cannot be covered in their entirety. We cannot include all the ways to ask for encouragement or use all the colors in a single conversation.

For this reason we have introduced in-depth workshops. They are lists of vocabulary grouped by topics, sentences, dedicated exercises, listening exercises and additional explanations. In the course of the lessons we let you know that new content has been added to the workshops. You can open them and learn from them at any time.

The trainers

Liglo contains two intelligent trainers: for vocabulary and for fluency (sentences and expressions).

Vocabulary trainer

All vocabulary from the lessons is automatically added to the vocabulary trainer. It is based on how our memory works and the so called forgetting curve. The words are grouped in three different circles representing the learning levels. Red contains new or forgotten vocabulary. Gray represents words that you have in your short-term memory or words with which you still make small mistakes. Green contains learned and consolidated vocabulary. Click on each circle to open a different training, appropriate for each learning level.

Fluency trainer (sentences and expressions)

This trainer improves your ability to construct correct sentences and comprehend aurally. In various exercises you will order words, put words into correct forms, choose correct endings, prepositions and conjunctions and choose translations by listening to audio.

Liglo measures your fluency based on whether your answer was correct, the number of attempts and corrections, the number of repetitions and the time you needed. The forgetting curve also influences the result.

Language specific trainers

Depending on the language you learn, additional trainers may appear in Liglo. For example, the German course contains a trainer dedicated to articles, plural forms and irregular verbs.

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